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Various Styles of ID Lanyards

ID lanyardsWhether you are thinking of giving out ID lanyards as tokens for your event attendees or looking for a custom-designed lanyard for your employees, you can find what you are looking for in various online lanyard stores. There are different styles and types to consider.

The list is long, but below are a few of the options that you might want to consider:

Beaded Lanyard

These lanyards are the most economical id holder. They are made of metal or plastic beads that are strung together. These are often used as functional ornaments.

Budget Lanyard

These are the most affordable ID lanyards in town.Though they are cheap, it does not mean that they are not good in quality and design. They are usually made of polyester twill. The simplicity of the diagonal lines make them attractive.

Breakaway Lanyard

This is a good option for employees who work on construction sites and other dangerous buildings. These are also called “safety” lanyards.

Cell Phone Lanyard

You never have to lose your cell phone with this lanyard. As phones evolve to lighter and smaller ones, these lanyards are in demand today. You can choose between the neck or wrist lanyard.

Cord Lanyard

These are usually made from nylon, cotton, or polyester. If you have a tight budget, these lanyards are great for name badges.

Dog Tag Lanyard

These lanyards are made from stainless steel which are laser engraved or from a full color plastic. Each lanyard is packaged with a 30 inches neck chain.

Flat Material Lanyard

Have a design in mind? Choose flat material since they are wider compared to others. These ID lanyards are manufactured from flat cotton, polyester, or nylon.

Lip Balm Lanyard

Get a lip balm lanyard with a 30-inch neck chain and you never have to worry about chapped lips while biking, hiking, swimming, and doing other outdoor trips and activities.

Name Badge Lanyard

These are cheap and non-imprinted lanyards made from cotton or nylon. Since you will not have to spend money on printing, these lanyards are available in different colors. You can also choose what kind of attachment is suitable for your needs.

Pen Lanyard

Tired of buying high-quality pens because you always misplace it? Save your money on other things once you order a pen lanyard. This has a special hardware that connects to the pen cap and keeps your pen secured.

Quick Release Lanyard

This lanyard has a side-squeeze buckle at the bottom which lets you detach a name badge without taking off the lanyard around your neck.

Retractable Lanyard

Getting a valid ID, then putting it back in place – annoyed with this situation? Then, retractable lanyards are for you. This is excellent for keyless entry systems, ID card tapping, and card swiping because it is retractable for about 30 inches away from you.

Shoelace Lanyard

From the word itself, these lanyards are narrower than others. Customized printing is allowable, but limited to letters only.

Water Bottle Lanyard

Heading out for a jog? Working out in a gym? This lanyard is definitely for you. It has a special rubber ring which ideally fits around necks of plastic water bottles. There is no need for you to bring a large bag to put in your water bottle.

Whistle Lanyard

This can be a good safety tool. You can use a lanyard to hold your emergency whistle. Those who are serving as guards, police, or organizers can also use these lanyards for easy access to their whistle when needed.

Wrist Lanyard

These are also known as “coil” lanyards which flexes out about 12 inches that fit any wrist size. If you are a multi-tasker, this is ideal for you since your hands can do other things while securing your IDs and keys within your wrist.

Why Silicone wristbands are a Great Promotional Tool

In a world that is fast-changing, businesses and organizations constantly have to come up with fresh ways to endorse their products and ideas. When it comes to promotional tools, one of the greatest trends to hit the market are Silicone wristbands. These bracelets are an effective way to get a message across because of its broad appeal. People from all walks of life can be found wearing these bands and for good reasons. In addition to being a fun fashion accessory, these bracelets are worn to make a statement; to support a cause and to express team solidarity.

For businesses, these bands are the perfect promotional giveaways. These rubber bracelets come in eye-catching colors and are very sturdy. Most importantly, they are highly customizable. Companies who are interested in ordering custom bracelets can design their own bands and even have their company logo printed on the surface of the bracelet.

Silk Screen bracelets:

Now, these bracelets come in different styles and sizes. One of the most popular styles is the Silk Screen bracelets. For this type of bracelet, the design is printed directly on the surface of the band. This style is perfect for businesses who want their custom logos and lettering replicated on the bracelets. Another advantage of silkscreen printing is that the design can be placed all around the bracelet. What makes this type of wristband a crowd-pleaser is that it’s very affordable, however the print is not as long-lasting compared to the Color Filled bracelets.

Color Filled bracelets:

For those who wish to order a more head-turning bracelet, they can opt for the Color Filled bracelet. The process of making this wristband begins by debossing the surface of the rubber with the desired text or artwork. The indented parts of the bracelet are then filled with paint which makes the design pop up. This type of wristband is perfect for those who want their message to be visible even from a short distance. For this type of band, manufacturers offer a variety of paint and bracelet colors so customers can mix and match until they’ve come up with the ideal design that best represent their brand or cause.

Silicon wristbandsAnother smash hit in the world of Silicone wristbands is the Segmented bracelet. What makes this style special is that it allows up to three colors in a single bracelet. This feature is valuable to individuals who want to express their support to their favorite sports team. This style allows them to incorporate their team colors into one band. Wearing apparel and accessories that bear one’s team colors when attending sports events is not only fun, it also boosts morale and promotes team solidarity among fans. Individuals who wish to customize their own Segmented wristband have plenty of options when it comes to placing their designs on the band. Texts and logos can be silk screened, debossed, color filled or embossed on the surface. In addition to having their team logo replicated on the band, sports fans can also add a slogan or a few words of inspiration on their team bracelets.

Silicone wristbands are not only useful to businesses and sports fans. Fundraisers can get into the act by designing awareness bracelets that promote their various causes and charities. These bracelets are ideal fundraising items. Individuals don’t only get to donate to a particular cause by purchasing these bracelets, they also get to go home with a memento from their favorite charitable organization.

Silicone wristbands are popular promotional items. For wearers, they are fun and eye-catching. Not to mention, these bracelets are made from sturdy, waterproof material that will last for a long time. For businesses, distributing these bracelets is a subtle yet effective way to get exposure for their brand. For charitable institutions, it’s a proven way to reach many awareness to important causes.

Why Making Die Struck Custom Label Pins Take a Longer Time to Complete

indexEvery organization needs the finest custom label pins for distribution. Numerous individuals with experience in ordering these pins recommend die struck pins as the best options in terms of quality and appeal. However, ordering them takes a lot of production time, which means ordering should be done much earlier to ensure the items would be delivered on time.

Various reasons like the following contribute to longer delivery time for die struck pins like the following:

Metals Polished to Perfection

Die struck custom label pins stand out for their shiny metals. Instead of looking like any commercial pins, die struck options possess the luster that resemble official pins of organizations in terms of quality. The pin’s shine after production is enough to highlight that polishing the process took time and utilizing top caliber equipment just to come up with the appeal.

Aside from utilizing high quality equipment, extreme expert procedures also contribute in coming up with such look. The expert will manage the machine to polish the steel to perfection.

Additionally, the polishing process also varies depending on the steel used. Steels may be polished, but polishing duration varies across the material types.

Etched Designs with Utmost Precision

imgMore than the polished appeal, designs on die struck pins also require utmost precision to contribute with the appearance. In top quality pins, the form or outer pin shape is stamped out of the chosen material. Their designs, however, were etched individual using tools that accurately engrave elements like logos and texts. Individual etching guarantees superb pins, but will take more time than regular die struck choices like cloisonné and soft enamel.

Designing and etching procedures also vary, but the common style is coming up with a sandblasted texture that provides contrast on the pin. The polished part stands out while the sandblasted texture can serve as background or embellishment.

Aging Takes Time

Among the benefits of die struck custom label pins is attaining the antique appeal on the output. The absence of other materials like enamel on die struck pins allows users to take advantage of aging process to make them look antique.

Polishing takes time, but aging steel may take some time to accomplish. Naturally, you don’t have to wait for decades to attain aged metal finish on pins. However, the manufacturer needs to use other materials like aging chemicals and other procedures to come up with the perfect antique look.

Additional material used mean more procedures to accomplish like subjecting them to heat, chemical reactions for faster aged steel finish, and many more.

Completing Pins with Additional Elements

More than just the actual manufacturing process, custom label pins also require additional pin attachments. The manufacturer painstakingly dealt with the design, but they still need to attach the clutches or other attachments that will make the pin stand out. Completion time varies depending on the attachments like if they’ll be regular pins or as fashion accessories like cufflinks or tie tacks.

Not Everyone Takes Time

New technologies used in producing equipment and tools used for pin making results to faster production. Several manufacturers invested in upgraded machines and newly released aging and polishing components to make sure you’ll get your beautiful die struck in time without compromising quality. Look for companies offering their die struck pins within two weeks, which gives you more time to prepare for their packages if given as gifts or awards.

Without a doubt, die struck custom label pins owned the hearts of many clients because of their appeal. As they say, obtaining top caliber items require time and expertise. Shop for a high-rated pin maker to guarantee you’ll get your die struck pins on time with the quality expected of the pin type.