Essential Properties Of Translucent Enamel As Coating For Custom Military Coins

Creating custom military coins for your troop is now possible with a long range of coin options available including translucent enamel. This material is a transparent material applied on coins as special coating solution. It has numerous properties that make it a great coating option for these special coins like the following:

Scratch resistant

Most buyers order translucent enamel to protect their coins from scratches. Other coating options may do the same job, but this material is more scratch resistant compared to the other famous coatings and assures better protection for coins. However, it’s essential to remember that its scratch resistant property is only by up a certain scale, but more tolerant than others.

Hard coating

Translucent enamel dries hard unlike other coating wherein it leaves a slight dent when pressed using your nail. Its hard surface prevents the coating from having dents, which affect coins’ overall value.

Buyers may think that using a hard coating can make custom military coins significantly heavier. Increased weight is noticeable, but it’s not as much as what people think. Moreover, its protective properties are more important than the weight.

Color enhancement effects

Colors tend to be vibrant when they get in contact with water or other glass-like materials due to keeping dust from accumulating on their surfaces. Using translucent enamel will keep your coins’ colors looking vibrant for a long time.

Military Coins

Furthermore, this enamel coating is famous for having longer color fastness compared to other solutions. This guarantees colors stay longer while retaining their vibrant shades.

Smooth surface

Coatings’ smooth texture is the main reason why many clients choose to place these materials on coins. Translucent enamel guarantees smooth surface on coins that protect both colors and embedded designs.

Aside from protection, smooth coating surfaces make cleaning easier for coin owners. Embedded designs raise military coins’ value, but their edges tend to collect dust and other dirt. Hence, cleaning coins will be a challenge, particularly if the owner has several coins in his collection. Its smooth surface blocks dust from penetrating and requires a simple wipe using a soft towel for cleaning.

Fade resistant

Translucent enamel’s appearance is due to its glass properties, gaining it to fall under the glass group in chemical families. Its glass properties assure that it will not fade when used on custom military coins. It has enhanced UV protection unlike paint-based coatings, assuring a worthy investment for these memorabilia.

Chemically resistant

Solutions getting in contact with other chemicals cause reactions that may be detrimental for the product. In case of custom military coins, translucent enamel has high chemical resistance to retain coins’ appearance even with contact with various components like alcohol and others.

Works well with various surfaces

This coating sticks well with a wide array of metals including copper, stainless steel, gold, silver, to name a few. This compatibility allows coin makers to offer this coating as add-ons for clients looking for the best military coins for events.

Impact resistant

In the past, many industries didn’t give high regards to enamel due to its easy to shatter feature, a known property of glass, particularly when the item where it was placed is bent or received significant pressure. However, technology improved translucent enamel, giving birth to its impact resistant feature for added protection.

Without a doubt, buyers will be benefit from using translucent enamel with custom military coins. It has numerous properties designed for better coin protection, easy cleaning procedures, and boosting their value. This add-on can be ordered together with military coins and other extra features. Due to its properties, however, buyers must expect additional fee on top of selected standard coin options.